We are an established real estate investment and development business based on long-term relationships with investors and
real estate professionals.

We are opportunistic in our approach and seek opportunities which, in our experience and insight, can deliver double-digit
returns to our clients based on a 1-5 year business strategy.

Sustainability is at the heart of Brooklands Investment Group. Our single biggest contribution is to create new places that grace
their surroundings and will stand the test of time. The environmental performance of each site is monitored tightly and
we publish independent research measuring our social and economic impact.



As Founder of Brooklands Investment Group, Surb sets the standard for the level of client service and commitment to property investment stewardship that clients expect.

Having overseen the establishment and growth of previous businesses, his intellectual curiosity, vision and ability to make difficult but important decisions compelled him to establish Brooklands Investment Group. As a member of the first generation of family business owners, Surb has a thirst for knowledge but also a deep personal understanding of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities represented by property investment. This appreciation of the accountability that comes with investing clients and Brooklands’ capital in projects informs his sense of commitment to family, staff and clients.

A streamlined and dynamic enterprise

With access to a network of analysts and managers with many years of experience in major property investment companies, we are capable of
maximising returns, strengthening equity and limiting volatility.